Why Your Mediator Should Be a Lawyer

Social workers and other professionals can mediate a divorce, but an attorney-mediator brings special skills to the process. Only a judge can grant a divorce; therefore, a divorce agreement is only good if a judge approves it. A non-lawyer can help you and your spouse agree on issues, but an attorney, because she knows the law and is regularly in court, can be proactive and address potential problem areas in ways that make the process go smoothly. She can also assist with document preparation, should you need that.

Attorneys are often better than non-lawyers at keeping couples focused on issues that are relevant to the divorce proceedings, which can lead to fewer mediation sessions and lower overall cost. We try to make mediation efficient, not a replay of failed couples’ counseling.

Attorneys—particularly experienced ones like Attorney Kent, who have been involved with many divorce cases—know more about practical solutions to dividing complex asset and debt questions than mediators who have no formal legal background. That is because, in the many years of practicing law, we have helped other couples with problems like yours.

We have seen what works—and what doesn’t—and we use that expertise to guide you to resolution.
Esser Kent offers support at every stage of mediation from beginning to end, including preparation, mediator selection, and day-of-session negotiations. We provide a mediation “coaching” service. Plus, Attorney Kent will write your agreement from scratch, or review one you have written, to ensure that the roadmap for your future is sound.