Getting to the heart of the matter, with compassion, dignity and privacy

A couple in their 40s listening intently to a mediator


Mediation uses your own skills, with the help of a neutral guide, to create tailored solutions. “Can’t we just talk things out?”  Mediation gives couples a chance to do that, achieving the changes they want without the pressures of legal process.

Advantages of mediation:

  • It can follow your own design, minimizing the emotional damage to your family.
  • It keeps your family matters private.
  • It can be done on your own schedule, not the court’s.
  • Allows you to implement creative parenting and support plans.
  • Can save money by avoiding costly time in court.

Mediation does have disadvantages:

  • It’s not for couples where there is a huge imbalance of power.
  • Emotional issues may need to be addressed first, before honest bargaining can happen.
  • Mediation presumes “good faith” and full disclosure.   When one partner wants to rush through it simply to “get it over with,” while hiding assets or agendas, it can be a waste of time.

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