Guardianship & Elder Law

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Unfortunately, there are times when extreme circumstances force the temporary or permanent curtailing of a parent’s right to care for a child. We will work with you step by step to present your case in a compelling fashion in order to meet the extremely high standard of proof for taking away a parent’s rights.
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Involuntary commitment for people with drug or alcohol addiction (also called “Section 35”) Addiction to painkillers and heroin is an epidemic and a horrific problem for an increasing number of families. If you need to get your child or loved one into a treatment program, you also need to navigate the legal system that can get them there. We can file the petition that will give the court the power to send your family member to a treatment center, at least on a short-term basis.
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No one likes to think of having to take over day-to-day activities for an elder. But sometimes you might need to become the guardian of an elderly relative to protect him or her from abuse, or to get that person into the right care-giving situation. If you need only to direct and protect an elder’s financial affairs, a “conservatorship” will serve the purpose. We can help you decide which is a better path.

Here is the Handbook for Massachusetts Conservators. (PDF)

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We will assist you in selecting the type of adoption or guardianship best suited for your situation, and help you clear the many required legal hurdles to bring your new family member home.

Changing a family's structure demands expert advice and representation.

We’ll provide you with that and more.