Diane Esser

Painting of Diane Esser

This portrait of Diane hangs in the front hall of the Franklin County Courthouse in Greenfield, Massachusetts. When she passed away in 2018, the local legal community took the extraordinary step of honoring her with this portrait that hangs in the front entrance of the Courthouse.

Diane wasn’t just a brilliant litigator. She helped create true access to justice for ordinary people. The Franklin County Courthouse Court Service Center, the first in the Commonwealth, is a direct result of her efforts.

Why the name “EsserKent?”

Great lawyers are always learning and growing. I learned so much from Diane and the many other attorneys with whom I’ve worked over the years. Keeping her name reminds me to keep learning and striving to keep to her standards of excellence.

I'm proud to carry on Diane's legacy with my work.

It’s an honor I don’t take lightly. Find out more about what EsserKent can do for you.